The Moogle Way 5/? (unfinished)

Wishes or Treasure? (The Moogle Way) 5/?

Author: Danyella Skyler Silverfire (aka Bountyhunter_Danyella) & Kage Kashu (aka Lavender_Saiyajin)

Pairing(s): Smo/Ace eventually, others as they occur to me.

Warnings: It's a little fragmented, but that's about it so far.

Rating: So far? It's in the 'k' range. It might get higher as I go.

Summary: Smoker and Ace are turned into moogles.

Disclaimer: You'd know if I owned it. One Piece would get creepier, I'm sure, though less imaginative. So, you guessed it, I don't own it... but I do own this 'idea' of messing with them.

Author's Note: Sorry for the shortness, but I'll make it bigger when I finish writing it...

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