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Star Ocean: First Departure Drabbles

Star Ocean: First Departure Drabbles

Author: Kage Kashu

Archive: Ask and ye may receive.

Pairing(s): By the drabble.

Summary: Multi-drabble collection. A bit yaoi and a bit gen.

Disclaimer: A copy of the game doesn't count as owning it.

Author's Notes: Due to a need to actually see some SO1 fanfiction, I have had the urge to write some.

Warnings/Rating: Minor spoilers, I guess.


Pairing: minor Cyuss+Ronyx

Rating: PG

Cyuss had only ever met two humans. Ilia had been easy to understand, for being of a different species. She was like him, only she had a higher education. At least, she seemed like she did. But then again, sometimes Roddick seemed like he did, too. And it always bothered him, when they had conversations just outside of his hearing distance, while looking at him as though hoping he wouldn't come closer and overhear them. He had seen looks like those before, just never such open ones.

Not that he didn't like the both of them. He really did enjoy their company, especially for the odd trust that Roddick gave him, and even the scathing honesty that Ilia showed.

But for humans... Yes, Ilia had been easy to understand.

That said nothing of Ronyx. While he could understand Ilia, Ronyx... was beyond him.

At first, Ronyx had seemed like an extremely cool-headed version of Ilia, and them being of the same species, that made perfect sense to Cyuss. Then he noticed that unlike Ilia, Ronyx had moments where he seemed like a child, a little lost and very curious.

The man also had an "Ooh, shiny" complex that Cyuss rather thought would have suited Roddick better. Or Millie, who was a sweet girl with a major sweet tooth. Although, the fact that Ronyx would actually say "Oooh, shiny!" upon seeing shiny objects just made it worse, especially in consideration of his usual seriousness.

Millie, as another Fellpool, was an easy subject to ignore, except when she was embarrassing Ronyx in public. Cyuss grinned at the thought. He was pretty sure that none of them had seen him standing there while they were discussing Ronyx's symbology lessons, so he'd got a little free amusement from it.

Though he did rather wonder what about symbology could be that embarrassing. He also wondered why Ronyx's embarrassment was so fascinating. Perhaps it was because the man was so collected that very little made it to his face besides cool amusement and distant sadness.

And that was another fascinating subject, though Cyuss would never say as much. Ronyx had a very depressing history, he could tell, but he knew that he would never know just what it was that brought that distant, sad look into Ronyx's eyes.

Perhaps... he didn't want to know.

Another surprise, from Ronyx, was when the human showed a sudden interest in the fact that Fellpool have tails while on a visit back to the Muah kingdom. Roddick's response to Ronyx's... strangely naïve request... was... amusing. Cyuss would have started laughing if it wouldn't have given away the fact that he was listening to them.

Although, considering the manner in which Ronyx asked to touch Roddick's tail, he probably was merely curious. Like a child. And, although Cyuss felt more than a little like asking if Ronyx wanted to touch his, he figured that it would probably be more than a little inappropriate.

Especially taking into consideration that Ilia would probably notice something like that. Besides, Ronyx, if Cyuss had overheard right, had been married. So, even if he said it, and Ronyx was all for it, Ronyx would definitely not be thinking about it the same way Cyuss would.

Although, if Ronyx really was naïve enough to not know what he had asked Roddick, it must be due to one of those cultural differences that he would occasionally overhear Ilia and Ronyx talking about. After all, humans don't have tails, and, although Cyuss found that more than a little strange, he wasn't asking to see if their backsides had remenants...

Maybe he could get away with asking something like that, if Ronyx was naïve enough.

That thought made him laugh out loud, and he busied himself not looking any of the others in the eye, especially not Ronyx, whose stare was always far too penetrating. He snorted again, and resolved to take their venture into the mines a little more seriously.

"Sorry, sorry," he muttered, then gave Ilia, who stood nearest, a blinding grin. "Just had a funny thought." Now why did he have to go and say that to her? The grin changed to a small frown and he shrugged. "Nothing important... Shall we move on?"


Pairing: Ronyx+tails, Cyuss+Ronyx

Rating: PG

So, now Roddick was avoiding him. Ronyx stared thoughtfully in the direction that the monkey... Fellpool boy had gone. He certainly hadn't meant to offend Roddick; after all, he rather liked the boy. That didn't make him any less jealous of Ilia, though. He had thought that if Millie let Ilia touch hers, Roddick wouldn't mind him touching his...

Why would it be so embarrassing? After all... Millie didn't seem embarrassed by it.

Ronyx sighed and shook his head. Even if it was embarrassing, there was no reason for Roddick to get that upset about it.

He didn't exactly know that many Fellpool anyway. Other than Roddick and Millie, there was Cyuss and Phia, but he didn't know them well. He knew better than to ask Millie. Any kind of touch on a young lady like her was bound to be misinterpreted. He wouldn't even touch her hair without permission.

The same went for Phia. Ronyx was, after all, a gentleman.

He wasn't even going to bother asking Cyuss. After all, if he got that kind of a reaction from Roddick, who has been rather calm at the worst of times, Cyuss would probably pull out his sword. And, considering how fast Cyuss was, Ronyx probably wouldn't even know what hit him until he was on the ground, staring at his own hands.

Not that Ronyx wasn't also pretty fast, but he knew his limits.

And he really wished that Roddick would stop avoiding him. It was making the evening out rather awkward. When someone you're working with refuses to even look in your direction while you're out on business, you know you've got a problem. Another problem is when one of the other people you are working with bursts into random laughter.

Ronyx couldn't help but stare, really, when Cyuss did just that. Cyuss briefly met his eyes before snorting again. Then the Highlander looked at Ilia and apologized. Considering that the laughter had obviously startled her more than it did the rest of them, after all, she was, at the moment, closest to Cyuss, Ronyx could understand the apology and the minute following explanation.

When Cyuss didn't continue, Ronyx cleared his throat. "We don't have much time for this little side trip, people," he smiled to soften the words. "The monsters here are a bit worse than almost anywhere else we've been, so keep your eyes peeled."

Ronyx didn't believe in fate, but... He was rather sure that someone was messing with him. It was ironic that of all of them, after telling everyone to keep their eyes open, he was the one who slipped on the loose gravel, and sprained his ankle. It was also embarrassing, because he was useless after that, and since he needed help just walking, he kept Cyuss from helping the others with the monsters. Although, he wasn't so sure that Cyuss actually had to carry him. He could at least hobble along after the others...

Cyuss, oddly enough, didn't seem bothered by carrying him at all. Ronyx kinda wondered about that. Was it because Cyuss, as a Fellpool, was stronger than most humans? Or was it because Ronyx was a bit thinner than he should be? Because if that was the case, he figured he could probably use a change in his diet.

He also wondered why Cyuss had insisted on carrying him. And why Phia had been so amused by Cyuss' insistence. After giving that some thought, he decided not to bother. Earth culture was so different from Roak culture that he wasn't sure he'd understand. He also suspected that if he did understand he'd wish he didn't.

Besides, it gave him a chance to get a better look at Fellpool ears. They kinda reminded him of elves from old Terran legends. Of course, he could only stare at ears for so long before growing bored with that and wishing he could see Cyuss' tail as well. While he could see Phia's, it just didn't look as fluffy.

Millie's tail was really fluffy like that, too. Roddick's... the hair looked short and sleek, while Phia's tail seemed somewhere in the middle. Ronyx wondered about that. Perhaps they were like housecats, with the fur being softer and fluffier the more they stayed indoors during their formative years.

"Out of curiosity," Ronyx murmured into the nearby ear, "did you spend a lot of time in the palace when you were young?" The ear twitched and Cyuss tilted his head to the side, to look back at him.

"Yes," Cyuss replied, eyebrows beetled together over grey feline eyes. "Not much to do for it. Why?"

Ronyx just smiled and shook his head. "Nothing, really."

Cyuss' eyes narrowed on his, but Ronyx merely closed his, feigning tiredness. He was not about to explain his speculations on the Fellpool to anyone except maybe Ilia.

It seemed like it wasn't long after that that they returned to town; Portmith, that is, which wasn't where they should have gone. Roddick didn't want to go back to Haute, apparently, which would have made a little more sense, considering that there would have been much less distance involved.

Not that he was about to complain as Portmith had a far nicer inn than Haute. The beds were softer, and they smelled cleaner, which was really nice. It actually made him grateful that the Fellpool were descended from cats, as Roddick said. A regular medieval society would have been absolutely terrible.

"Are you going to be alright here alone?" asked Cyuss from a couple of feet away. He had a thoughtful look in his eyes that Ronyx wasn't sure he liked seeing. "Everyone else is going shopping and stuff."

"Yes, I'll be fine," Ronyx murmured in response. It had been a long day, and he really was getting more than a little tired. "Why?"

Cyuss shrugged and made a face. "Last time I got kicked out of the tavern, so... You know. There's not really much to do here." Somehow Ronyx doubted that that was all of it. As if to prove him right, Cyuss gave him another one of those far too direct looks, then looked quickly away. "Eh, back in Haute..."

Ronyx blinked, mildly surprised. "What about Haute?"

"I overheard you and Roddick talking..." Cyuss shifted, as though slightly agitated. Then he looked Ronyx directly in the eye again. "Well, I just wanted to say that I don't know why Roddick got his pants in a wad like that." Cyuss grinned. "I wouldn't mind."

Ronyx stared, and it suddenly clicked in his mind why Roddick had been upset. His jaw worked, but no sound came out, and he could feel the heat rising in his face. The pain in his ankle seemed like nothing at all, anymore, so he stood, and began edging for the door, still wide-eyed. "That's not..." he finally managed to say, shaking his head.

Cyuss merely watched him scoot awkwardly out the door.

"That's not what I meant," he muttered once on the other side. "I think I need a drink." Ronyx collapsed against the wall outside of the room, and noticed Phia standing directly across the hall from him, looking rather amused. She smiled, shook her head, then entered the room he had just escaped from.

Once she was inside, her voice drifted back out to him. "You've matured, Cyuss." There was a soft laugh. "You certainly didn't used to handle rejection so well."

Cyuss chuckled in response, and Ronyx dropped his face into his hands. "I just decided to take it that I'm so masculine that even Naïve Ronyx understood what I meant." Ronyx groaned and tightened his fingers into his scalp. There was a smacking sound from within the room, and Cyuss whined. "Phia..."

After a moment of just standing there thinking, Ronyx suddenly realized something else. "Shit. I need to apologize to Roddick."

Bargain Shopping

Pairing: Ronyx, Cyuss

Rating: G

Ronyx frowned, looking at the two bottles in turn. Cyuss had told him that one of them was a better bargain than the other, but he was pretty sure that Cyuss was just messing with him. Other than the bad labeling on one of the bottles, they looked and smelled exactly the same.

He still didn't understand how this painfully sweet stuff could be used for healing, though. He had used them. He saw them work. He didn't understand it though, especially since they worked better than some of the medicines that his own society had to offer.

"Still don't get it?" Cyuss asked, grinning widely.

Ronyx sighed, shaking his head. "No, I have to admit, I don't." He handed the bottles over to the Highlander, who took them and gently turned them around.

"See?" he asked, pointing at the labels.

Ronyx shook his head. "No, I don't see. I see bad labeling, but other than that...?" He spread his hands in a helpless gesture.

"Bad labeling my ass," Cyuss muttered. "Mis-labeling, I say. The one with the bad label has a sharper smell. You get it now?" He frowned even as Ronyx shook his head again.

"You're nose must be more sensitive than mine," Ronyx admitted, with a smile. "So, what does that mean?"

Cyuss scowled. "That means it isn't 'Sweet Syrup' at all. It's 'Mixed Syrup'. It does more for you, you know? Especially you, since you're a..." he wrinkled his nose, "magic... thing."

Ronyx blinked. "A what?"

"Magic... thing?" Cyuss shrugged.

"Congratulations," Ronyx said, in a tone as dry as the desert.

"Huh?" The Highlander stared queryingly.

"I haven't wanted to bite someone since I was five," he replied, keeping his expression bland enough that he could tell that Cyuss was trying to evaluate whether or not he was serious. "You should get a prize."

When I Was Young

Pairing: OC+Ronyx (past)

Rating: G

Phia smiled around the edge of her mug. "You and Ronyx are military, right? And he's your commander... Do you have any good stories about him?" Red eyes narrowed thoughtfully on Ilia's golden.

"Well," Ilia toyed thoughtfully with her own glass. "I'm not sure he would ever forgive me for saying it, but yes, I do." She smiled to herself, eyes turning inward. The situation she was thinking of wasn't something she was present for. She had heard the story from one of Ronyx's classmates, from his academy days.

Cyuss and Millie leaned forward curiously, while Phia merely looked up at her with interest. Millie was delighted, of course. Phia and Cyuss had been attempting to embarrass each other all night with stories, and this was the first sign that Ilia was going to say anything. And it was going to be about Ronyx, who was a very secretive about himself... or so Millie thought.

Phia was quite interested too, of course. She wouldn't have asked otherwise. Ronyx's behavior was sometimes strange, and she really wanted to know if he'd always been that way. Naïve, that is. Some of the things she overheard him asking... Although, sometimes she didn't really want to know why he wanted to know some of the things he asked about.

Cyuss was pretty sure that Ilia had something good, due to the thoughtful expression on her face, and wondered just how bad it was. He kept his eyes narrowed on her and his ears open for nuances.

Some time later they were all red from trying not to laugh, and Ilia was still speaking through the gasps. "And his commander didn't even know it was him, apparently, and just kept hitting on him." She wiped tears from her eyes. "Just because he was rooming with an open transvestite..."

"And I suppose you'd like to hear the real story now?" asked a pleasant voice from the doorway.

The four in the room jumped and immediately put on guilty faces. Roddick, who had been entering the room at the same time, stared at Ronyx, who looked surprisingly not uncomfortable. Ilia replaced her guilty face with a brave one. "Sure, I think I would."

Ronyx leaned against the doorframe. "Well, the roommate you mention just happened to be a pretty good friend, who I had recently upset... at the time. By his birthday I still wasn't forgiven, so..." He shrugged. "Living with him it was an 'eventually it would happen' sort of thing anyway."

"And the commander?" Ilia asked, an odd gleam in the eye.

Ronyx looked uncomfortable at that. "Couldn't keep his hands to himself. To this day, I still feel uncomfortable in Admiral Giuseppe's presence." Ilia was obviously shocked by this. "By the way, who told you about that?"

"Captain Weir," she replied, still a bit dazed by the revelation. "Admiral Giuseppe?"

Ronyx shrugged again. "I still don't know if he knew it was me... So please, don't ever say anything to him about it."

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